A look at the first Gulf War through the eyes of two unique artists.


Originally published in 1992, Just Another War broke the barrier between traditional photojournalism and the art world. The poetry/commentary by Cervenka juxtaposed against Jarecke’s timeless black and white images brings an understanding of war (and the politics behind it) to the viewer in a way that traditional reportage often fails to do.


Haunting when it was first seen over twenty years ago, it is even more so today due to the prophetic nature of the book.


Exene Cervenka is an American writer, musician and artist, who is best known as the co-lead vocalist of the Los Angeles punk rock band X.


Kenneth Jarecke is an American photographer, writer and publisher, who is best know for his image of an incinerated Iraqi soldier that was first published in the London Observer, but then heavily censored in the United States.

Just Another War