A person’s “eye”, how they see the world, is unique to them. Making images that reflect that vision is the serious photographer’s goal. Capturing that vision, to go from seeing an image to making it, are two very different things. Teaching this skill, while protecting the reader’s artist’s eye, is the goal of this book.


This book is designed for photographers who realize their brain is the most important picture making tool they own.


Kenneth Jarecke is somewhat renowned and occasionally respected. Like his words, his images are complex, yet approachable. Ken has enjoyed a distinguished career as an editorial photographer. He’s worked with the most thoughtful people in the publishing industry, at magazines such as, Life, Time, Sports Illustrated, Newsweek and U.S. News & World Report.


Pictures - How to Make Them, is available on iBooks on a chapter by chapter basis.


This is the introduction to the book. It has about 3,500 words and one photograph.

Pictures - How to Make Them - Intro